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iPhone修理 熊本 スマップル熊本店

When you need iPhone repair in Kumamoto, SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch is with you!

When you need iPhone repair in Kumamoto, SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch is with you!

Thank you for reading our repair blog of SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

Do you have any problems about iPhone?

Regarding iPhone repair, we can repair screen cracks, submergence, and battery change etc!

We SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch! (‘◇’)ゞ

Does your iPhone have cracks in the screen?

You may not be care about little cracks or think it is ok.

If you think so, but you better repair it!

You can’t operate the phone with cracked screen.

You have your phone repaired if it has stains or lines in the screen.

If you ignore these symptoms, water may come into the inside and your phone is submerged.

Once it happens, you will lose all your data…

It may happen!(*_*; Repair it asap.

Please contact us if you are looking for iPhone repair shop in Kumamoto!

It takes only 5min from Shidendoricho suji!

You will see the pink sign of SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch, after walking on Ginza dori for Kagocho dori from the side of Kumamotoshi shimodori shopping center.


Please come and visit us if you are in Kumamoto on business or holiday.

It’s only 15min repair at the quickest.

When you are in a hurry, please consult with us!

Then let’s have a look at today’s repair!

This is it!

Here is a photo of iPhone7 repair!

It’s almost dark, but it shows some image.

It is eaqualy not…

In the left middle the screen, there are web shape cracks.

The damage of the screen causes this blackout.

If you ask the career maker to repair on a trip,

Perhaps you need to change the bodies themselves and loose your data, then you will pay high cost and wait for long..

Here is the price list of Apple.

It takes long, maybe one week, to change the bodies.

On your trip, you don’t want to wait such a long time(*_*;

But don’t worry! ( ゚Д゚)

We SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch are with you!!

If you are in a hurry! prefer cheaper price!

Don’t want to loose the data!

We SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch can return your phone with your data!
You will never ever loose your memories of your trip.

This is our price list!
※ exc. Tax as of 8 Nov, 2017 The prices are subject to change.

If you have other models, refer to this price list!

Price List

Now let’s go on.

The repair has been started with this blackout!

Check inside of the iPhone…

I didn’t see outstanding errors, so did temporal attachment!

As you see, the screen is working now!

Touch sensor has no problem and shows setting page too!

As I checked the functions, I put the panel properly!

Put the camera and home buttom here from the old panel.

Put it for sure!

Here is the photo after repair!

We can see the image!

Check other functions!

The touch sensor…    OK!
The homebuttom…  OK!
The camera function…   OK!
The volume buttom… OK!
Wi-fi…   OK!
etc…   OK!

No problems at all!

The beautiful iPhone is back!

The customer was so satisfied with this repair! (^◇^)

We can’t predict when we drop and break iPhone.

After dropping it several times, it breaks suddenly.

But a dead liquid crystal screen can be repaired!

If you need our help on your trip, please come and consult with us SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

All our staff are waiting for your visit!

We repair iPhone in Kumamoto city.

We can repair iPhone which is broken during the trip for 15 to 60 minutes.
We deal with Glass Replacement, LCD Replacement,and Water Damage Repair and return your device on the same day.
Please call us.

Store Name:SMAPPLE Kumamoto
Address:1-8-20 Simotoricenter Bld., Shimotori, Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 860-0807, Japan
Phone Number:096-273-6442


◆iPhone7 料金表(作業工賃込み)
修理時間 修理金額
ガラス割れ交換 30分 5,500円
液晶交換 30分 8,500円
電源ボタン交換 30分 9,700円
ホームボタン交換 30分 要確認円
カメラ交換 30分 6,800円
ドックコネクタ交換 30分 7,600円
スピーカー交換 30分 6,700円
水没復旧 30分 3,500〜5,000円
バッテリー交換 30分 5,900円





iPhone修理 熊本 スマップル熊本店
店舗名 スマップル熊本店
営業時間 10:00 ~ 21:00
TEL 096-273-6442
住所 〒860-0807
熊本県熊本市中央区下通1丁目8-20 下通センタービル1F
店舗名 スマップル熊本店
営業時間 10:00 ~ 21:00
TEL 096-273-6442
住所 〒860-0807
熊本県熊本市中央区下通1丁目8-20 下通センタービル1F





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