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iPhone修理 熊本 スマップル熊本店

If you repair iPhone 6S, go to Sumaru Kumamoto!

If you repair iPhone 6S, go to Sumaru Kumamoto!

It’s already December. How are you doing?

We only have one month left. Are you ready to have a new year?
I guess you have to buy something for the new year.

When you are shopping, you sometimes drop your phone by accident.
Then your iPhone blackouts and is broken. Are you in such a cese?1
When your iPhone have sudden troubles,

Please come and have it repaired at cheap cost and quickly at SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

When you are in a trip, you don’t want to look at the map with holding a MAP and iPhone.

We are with you!

We welcome your drop in! (^_-)-☆

It takes only 15min at the quickest on the same day!

The cheapest in the prefecture! 3 month warrant!

It is 5 min walk from Shidentorichosuji station!

There is a pink sign when you walk for Kagomachidori on Ginzadori from the side of Kumamotoshimodori shopping mall.

Here is the landmark! (‘◇’)ゞ

1-8-20 Shimodori Chuoku Kumamoto, Shimodori Center Building 1F

If you are in trouble, please visit us(^^♪

Let’s take a look at today’s repair!

Today’s repair is here!

Today we repaired iPhone6s’s screen!

As you see, there are 2 lines in the liquid crystal panel.

And a colorful line as well on the up right of the screen.

I can see a big crack too.

The height he dropped the phone is one of the factor to make this disaster.
If you ask an official repairman while your trip,

Perhaps, you will loose all your data because you have to swap the badies.

It costs a lot and takes much more time…

Here is the repair fee at Apple store.

The repair fees at an official iPhone repair shop

You have to wait for a long time like one week for swapping the bodies.

You don’t want to wait such a long time during your triop.

But don’t worry!

We return your phone on the same day and with the same data!

Your memories are kept as they were!

The repair fee for iPhone6sThe repair list for iPhone6s
※exc. Tax as of 1 Dec. 2017 The fees are subject to change.

Those who are looking for the repair fees for other models.

The iPhone repair fee list at SMAPPLE

Let’s get back to repair!

I opened the front panel of the iPhone.

It wasn’t submerged.

Temporalily I put a new panel on the body to check if the image is ok.

It’s ok now!

No problems in operations!

Then let me plant the new part in it!

A home button, a camera, and a proximity sensor were placed.

Finally, I put the panel on the iPhone! Done!

After the repair

As you see, it became like a new one!

No functional errors!

The customer said, “Now I don’t have to tape it to support! How beautiful it is!”
He was so happy with it.

iPhone is easy to break when you drop it, but it sometimes break suddenly after drop it several times.

If you break your iPhone during your trip, please contact us!

We are all looking forward to your visit!

We repair iPhone in Kumamoto city.

We can repair iPhone which is broken during the trip for 15 to 60 minutes.
We deal with Glass Replacement, LCD Replacement,and Water Damage Repair and return your device on the same day.
Please call us.

Store Name:SMAPPLE Kumamoto
Address:1-8-20 Simotoricenter Bld., Shimotori, Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 860-0807, Japan
Phone Number:096-273-6442


◆iPhone7 料金表(作業工賃込み)
修理時間 修理金額
ガラス割れ交換 30分 5,500円
液晶交換 30分 8,500円
電源ボタン交換 30分 9,700円
ホームボタン交換 30分 要確認円
カメラ交換 30分 6,800円
ドックコネクタ交換 30分 7,600円
スピーカー交換 30分 6,700円
水没復旧 30分 3,500〜5,000円
バッテリー交換 30分 5,900円





iPhone修理 熊本 スマップル熊本店
店舗名 スマップル熊本店
営業時間 10:00 ~ 21:00
TEL 096-273-6442
住所 〒860-0807
熊本県熊本市中央区下通1丁目8-20 下通センタービル1F
店舗名 スマップル熊本店
営業時間 10:00 ~ 21:00
TEL 096-273-6442
住所 〒860-0807
熊本県熊本市中央区下通1丁目8-20 下通センタービル1F





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