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iPhone修理 熊本県 スマップル熊本店

If you need to have your iPhone repaired in Kumamoto. It’s our job, SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

Thank you for reading our blog of SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

Do you have any problems about iPhone?

Please rely on us SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch about iPhone repair for a
broken screen, submergence, changing batteries and so on(‘◇’)ゞ

Let me show you how to repair iPhones!

Today’s repair!

It’s iPhone6s’s panel repair.
While walking around Shimodori shopping mall, when he tried to put our
his iPhone out of th e pocket to check a map with it, he accidentally
dropped it.

As you see, it doesn’t show the image in the right half of the screen
and the the other half has a big stain.

Because it doesn’t work properly, it should be repaired right away!

We are with you in such cases!
SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

Anything like broken panel, batteries, submergenced phone and so on!

It is 5min walk from Shidendorichosuji!

You will see our pink sign of SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch when you go for
Kagomach dori on Ginza dori from Kumamoto shitadori arcade side.


Do you remember the day iPhone6s was released?
The answer is 12 Sep. 2015!

It’s been 2 years since then!

The battery lasts 1 to 2 years. It starts to get rusty after using it
depending on how you use it though.

If you feel your battery gets flat quickly, please come to our shop
because you get 1000yen off for changing batteries and panels at the
same time! (^◇^)

Here is the terminal after repaired!

What do you think?

We succeeded to repair it to be like a new one!

We check the funtions in the end!

Touch, camera, near touch sensor, volume bottom, sleep bottom, Wi-fi and so on.

All clear!

It’s done!

He was so happy when he take it again and said, “Wow! It became like a new one!”

In such cases, please come and visit us SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch(^◇^)
We all are looking forward to your visit!

We repair iPhone in Kumamoto city.

We can repair iPhone which is broken during the trip for 15 to 60 minutes.
We deal with Glass Replacement, LCD Replacement,and Water Damage Repair and return your device on the same day.
Please call us.

Store Name:SMAPPLE Kumamoto
Address:1-8-20 Simotoricenter Bld., Shimotori, Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 860-0807, Japan
Phone Number:096-273-6442



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