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If you need to have your iPhone repaired in Kumamoto. It’s our job, SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch!

It’s cold these days. How are you?

It’s time for winter sports.
Mountains have snow now!

I guess you have waited snow so long!
I don’t have preference about
winter sports though.

It is said that if you leave iPhone
in such cold and high altitude area,
the battery performance will decrease.

That is why you better bring
mobile batteries just in case!

At SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch,
we sell mobile batteries to fully
charge iPhone.

If you need those, please contact us!

Then let us have a look at
today’s repair!

【iPhone7 screen repair】

Today’s patience here↓

Here is iPhone7 having been
dropped during sightseeing.

It has cracks on the top
and the bottom.

Besides, touch sensor is broken!

He can’t proceed beyond an unlock
pass code.

I suggest that you turn off
the device forcefully.

In this case, it’s iPhone7 so you can
turn off by pressing the sleep buttom
and a volum dowm buttom
at the same time to do so.

It depends on the models.
Please check how to do it beforehand.

If you touch the broken panel,
the panel may sense your touch
and operate deferently from
what you wanted to do.

In the worst case,
you may be regarded to put wrong
codes 11 times and you can’t use
your phone at all.

Not only in this case, please do not
try to unlock somehow, just turn
off the phone and bring
it to a repair shop.

After putting wrong codes too much,
once “This iPhone is out of order.”

You have no choice but initialize
the phone. It means your
precious data will be deleted.

Please, please be careful!

Then let’s take a look at the
iPhone after repair!

We swapped the panels.
It became beautiful like a new one.

The touch operation is smooth now.
You don’t worry about it any more.

We have various troubles
about liquid crystal panels.

Most of the time,
we solve it by changing panels.

If your iPhone goes awkward,
don’t be panic, and turn it
off and bring it us!

Our repair fees
are wallet friendly.

Here is the price list
for iPhone repair.

Book here!

Repair reservation form

At SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch,
we change batteries and repair
submergenced phones other than
panel repair.

Please consult with us about
iPhone problems. SMAPPLE Kumamoto
branch is with you.

We are waiting for your visit(^_-)-☆



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