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Repair for iPhone6 not showing image

Aren’t you catching a cold these days? It’s getting colder.

The cold wether may affect iPhone battery. Do you know that?

litium ion batteries are in iPhones. The battery performs the best in a temperature between 16 degrees and 22 degrees.

So in high of low temperature, the battery performs lower than usual.

The image suddenly may blackout when the rest of the battery is little. Please be careful when you take your iPhone to a cold place.

Then let me introduce today’s repair!

The customer with iPhone6 from Kumamoto.

It turned to blackout eventhough he didn’t drop it.

It may happen for these reasons.

・a broken liquid crystal panel
・a rusty battery
・a broken electric board

These four the possible main reasons.

Among them, the broken board is the most serious one.

Liquid crystal panel or batteries can be repaired by replacing them.

The board failure can’t be repaired without replacing bodies.

As a measure, you better take backups regulary to prevent the worst case.

When you take a backup, using iTunes, not iCloud, is a better way.

It is important to make iPhone last longer. Please keep it in your mind.

Then let’s get back to the repair.

When we repair this..

It revived after I replaced the liquid crystal panels because the broken panel caused this blackout.

It is useless if the image doesn’t show up.
I’m releaved because it got well.

iPhone is usuful for its high quality fanctions but

it is fragile for a impact and submergence.

Please take a good care of it!

We SMAPPLE Kumamoto branch handle changing batteries and submered phones as well.

If you have any troubles about iPhone, please contact us!



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